+++ To cover all the bases all the possible abuses that could be accomplished after reading something here would be an impossible task. Regardless I’ll take a stab at it so at least you know I have no delusions of perfection for any promises of performance by me or you by using any ideas found here.

+++ The more I know the more that I know that what I don’t know exceeds what I believe I now know.  (Say that 3 times real fast) Just because I believe in something doesn’t make it so for you. I make no promises that the information contained upon this website or in any other communications from me even resembles the facts or the truth. That is for you to determine for your own life. A couple of facts and a couple of truths mixed together in the wrong context can is no longer the truth and can be disastrous. Use the information found here at your own risk, like any responsible grown-up. If something doesn’t make perfect sense to you, why would you do it? Just because Tim said so just won’t cut it.

+++ I am not trained in the law and do not give legal advice. (And the ones who do will not take responsibility either) I am not; employed, endorsed, accredited, licensed, or registered by the bar or by any government, agency, or agent thereof in legal or accounting matters. I am not employed by or affiliated with any one who is employed, endorsed, accredited, licensed, or registered by the bar or by any government, agency, or agent thereof in legal or accounting matters. I am not a licensed attorney, a licensed doctor, a licensed farmer, or other slave of the state, or a government employee, a public officer, a US citizen, a United States citizen, a creation of the STATE, property of the STATE, trustee for the STATE or STATE property, or any other fictional relationship underneath any fictional agency.

+++ I am not the creator or source for the information you may receive from me, as there is nothing new under the sun. I intend only to organize information and guide you to see the facts and truth so as to be exposed and comprehended by you for your own action. I cannot and will not stand in any representative capacity for anyone or anything else. I can only offer non-commercial perceptions, observations, ideas, and entertainment as I have witnessed and as it has been perceived by me if I was in similar circumstances.

+++ I take no responsibility or credit for the perception, success, failure, or consequences of any man or woman that I may lawfully entertain or make suggestions to. I will not prepare documents for entry into any court or government jurisdiction for anybody. I expressly reserve all rights and liberties. I intend that all communications are for the purpose of creating and maintaining peace and are not to be used to create controversy.

+++ I am a peaceful and inhabitant with the pledge of peace to all.

+++ Notice: I admit to be ignorant of the facts, the law, and many other things and have made mistakes prior to the date of this notice. I make no claim that I am not still ignorant of the law and many other things. I may be mistaken still now, and in the future. Any action upon communications from me is at your own risk.

+++ Yes this is a little tongue-in-cheek, but it is also very serious. People in distress often grasp at anything they see that might help just because somebody said so, but not really understand what they are doing. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. People who act impulsively without wisdom and knowledge may injure themselves or others or just create a big mess where it is not necessary. Don’t go where you are not prepared to survive physically, financially, or legally. Crash test dummies do not always survive for the next test.

+++ If you think you found some loophole to catch me on so as to accuse me, by all means give me proper notice as I’m sure I’ll have a few questions so we can come to a peaceful resolution.

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