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+++ Life is too precious to live minimum when you can live this life to have Maximum Survival. Life can be hard and even harder if you don’t prepare. You can ignore reality right up until the moment that it collides with you or your loved ones.

+++ When people hear the word survival they think of a trigger happy guy living in a cave waiting for Armageddon. For the rest of us average people every day is survival day. Do you not wake up every day concerned about your shelter, your food, your finances, your health and your loved ones? Are there not a million challenges to your survival that have nothing to do with Armageddon? We can’t stop Armageddon, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or regional economic disruption, or unscrupulous and evil men without conscience. But we can prepare to survive these events and any personal attacks we may be faced with.

+++ Here at Maximum Survival my goal is to educate and encourage those that are preparing for their future. Regardless of your plans or challenges I expect you will find a leg up here. I will endeavor to share the wisdom and knowledge I have gained by my many years of experience as a contractor, consultant, student of the law, and outdoorsman. These experiences have led me to make preparations to survive the unexpected. As the old saying goes “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.” Having the right tools doesn’t hurt either.

What Are You Preparing to Survive?

+++ For some, survival means finding their next meal or keeping warm. To others, survival means protecting their family from personal attack, accident, or tragedy. Your eye may be on preparation for surviving an unavoidable natural disaster. Your challenge may be overcoming debt, foreclosure, or other legal troubles. You may be entangled with agents of a legal system that care more about their own personal interests than your life. Your challenge may be a health problem from sickness or accident that seems to be one step ahead of you physically or financially. Just keeping the bills paid and a roof over your head and food on the table can be a challenge in these current economic times. You may be looking for financial security before you’re too old to enjoy it. If you don’t know it now, you will soon learn that the choices we make today will manifest in our future, and sometimes our very near future!

What Preparations Do You Need to Make?

+++Depending on what you are preparing for, you may need to learn an outdoor skill, a legal skill, a financial skill, or a new job skill. You may need to make or acquire a tool or gadget, or acquire and store raw materials, food, clothing, or medicine. You may need to acquire finances or other resources. Whatever you need to prepare for I hope I can point you in the right direction. For those preparing on a budget there are plenty of things you can learn to do and make for yourself. Self-sufficiency is a skill that is never out of style.

Experiences- The Salt of Life and Diligent Teacher

+++ My friends, family, and I have faced a variety of challenges over the years. For the most part we survived, overcame, and lived to tell the story. Our success was sometimes due to good preparation, sometimes by kind or merciful people, and other times by what can only be described as divine guidance or divine intervention. It is my goal on these pages to reveal what I have learned from our successes, trials, and tragedies from the trenches. I have been a contractor in the construction business for over 35 years and have experienced some very unique situations that forced me to learn some hard lessons. I have had some great teachers, with experience being one of the best teachers. Think of me as a reporter that is compelled with an interest in seeing you have Maximum Survival.

Today Is The Day to Create Your Tomorrow

+++ Regardless of the past and the things we have done, or not done, or the things that have happened to us, we find ourselves here today and ready to move forward. I encourage you to take account of all that you have and all that you know, and make plans to add to your life all that lacks. If you commit to add to your life and at least one other life every day you will prosper and you will be content even in the face of trouble.

+++ My experiences and chance meetings with some great minds have given me unique insight on a variety of issues. I have gathered much information to share and it will take some time to fill these pages and I encourage you to check back often. I do not claim to be a know everything, (only a fool would do so),  however I apparently know enough for people to seek me out and ask for my help.

+++ If you are in need, I hope you may find what you need here or at least be led to the open door for your Maximum Survival. If you have questions or insight, please let me hear from you. If you find help or encouragement here please encourage me and let me know.
+++ I cannot do this all alone and I have some great friends and support behind the scenes, so from all of us here at Maximum Survival,

Thank You

Tim and friends

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