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You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Posted February 20, 2013 By admin

You can lead a horse to water, and lead a man to the law


You can’t make either one of them partake of the life within it.

Law is simple to understand once the light goes on. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Even the criminal knows in his heart the difference between right and wrong. As far back in history as you are willing to probe, there are really only two universal laws regardless of your religious persuasion. Law #1: Do no harm. Law #2: Do all you have agreed to do.

All other law and so-called law must conform to these two principals. Law is equal for both parties, any exception alleged by one party can rightly be asserted by you. So if the other party feels he has the right to initiate violence against you, then it would only be logical that you could use violence in your defense. But wiser men know not to initiate violence because they do not want violence used against them.

However, if the first group of men can convince the second group of men that law one does not apply to them, they may get the second group of men not to defend themselves. Sound familiar? If the first group of men recognize that the second group of men will assert their rights of self-defense than they can all live in peace and harmony tending to their own business.

You must understand that every man’s authority is equal to every other man. The point at which two men’s authority bump up against each other is the point of negotiation and agreement. If by reasonable agreement they draw a line in the sand, and agree to each stay on their own side they can live in peace indefinitely. Thereby invoking law #2; Do all you have agreed to do.

When real law comes into focus

When your perspective changes, so will your attitude towards certain things or people. In my case when the light started to go on, I got rather mad. Mad at all the agents of lies, but also mad at me for accepting the lie for so long. Some who come to this knowledge, their first thought is; I am not going to take it, I am getting even. There is no even. There is either stopping wrong actions and move on, or continue in bondage. Fortunately at that time I was ready to hear and peacefully move on. So start with yourself, because for the most part by your conditioning and your ignorance, you are the responsible party by your continued acceptance. After all you can’t blame somebody else for taking what you abandoned. Decide today to peacefully change your relationships.

It has become clear by the testimony of many, that there are peaceful solutions with longer lasting and more satisfying results than fighting or getting even. When you realize there is rarely getting back what’s lost you might just come to the conclusion that the only way to make it is to cut your losses and then build on what you have today.

Don’t Leap To Soon

One of my latest adventures was helping a few people see law in relation to the legal system differently so they could prevail over adversaries who had no real cause against them. To win is more of a mindset of confidence, having wisdom and knowledge and not a legal tricks. People would meet me at a seminar or get my name from a friend or friend of a friend and call me up and ask or even beg for help. Usually I just try to point them in the right direction with a brief outline of my belief system. Occasionally I sympathized with their plight and agreed to help them for some fuzzy promise to make it up to me for my time when they could. After all I had to eat too. And frankly the things I have seen done to good people knots my stomach just a bit, which makes it hard to resist helping if I think I can.

My particular focus is to seek out actual claim of authority or jurisdiction, through due process and standing on or timely asserting rights, and some really good questions. Good questions come from understanding, so get understanding. I will go into more detail about how authority and jurisdiction is created and challenged in another article.

Questions With Bite

Here is an example of a simple challenge made by a friend of mine when threatened and given a laundry list of things to do by an agent, paraphrasing: “Everything you just said might be true and I am not going to argue with you.” (See smiling agent here) “I obey written orders very well. Please give me a written order that includes your signature and your source of authority to compel me to act. Upon verification of your authority, I will get right on it. When can I expect your written order for my examination?“ (Agent smile turns to frown)   Now there is a real conversation ender. Code enforcer did not return for a year until his supervisor sent him back again to try a second bite at the apple. At the beginning of the conversation my friend said; “Did you bring that order with you?” The conversation ended shortly after that question and no agent has visited or communicated since.

As I have said before I get contacted from time to time by people who are facing code enforcement or jail or are in dire financial circumstances. These people wanted an entire personal seminar over the phone but were not even spending their own time to study so they could confirm and clarify what I taught. Even worse, half the time I had to teach them to run their computer just so they could read or edit the files they needed. If they didn’t have some basic skills and willingness to pursue their own education nobody can help them and they just might do themselves or others more harm by doing something they don’t understand. Sometimes the best way to deal with a traffic ticket is pay it instead of spending seven days in jail taking a position you don’t understand. One friend spent 7 days in jail and another one spent 21 days in jail from what started as a simple hundred dollars traffic ticket. You can spend your time studying at home or you can spend your time contemplating it at the Gray-bar Hotel. Spend the multiple hours studying instead of ignorantly fighting. Then, when you’re good and ready, try on that crash test dummy suit.

Talking with me for an hour will never substitute for hours of study and contemplation of your own belief system and preparation for challenges to it. For the people who called me if their belief system was too contrary from reality, there was little hope of their success. They frequently wanted me to help them with the latest fad process that they had no understanding of, but wanted me to “make it work”. The answer then and now is NO. I hate to say it but sometimes it is too late to correct your mistakes if you cannot come to a clear understanding of your rights and status. They wanted to suck up my time listening to their story of woe looking for a quick fix, but did not take to heart the need to study and contemplate their beliefs.

If you intend to confront or be confronted by your fellow man who acts with his illusion of authority then you must be well prepared to act in the capacity you desire to stand in. Do a little study on “parol evidence”. Parol evidence is closely associated with presumption. If your potential adversary presumes on “parol evidence” that you are an inferior or an adversary by your actions, your confessions, or your acceptance of certain assertions or presumptions then you may very well be treated as to his presumptions.

You can plan what you intend to do

Sometimes life offers more than you planned for

So prepare for what life might bring for you to do

Sometimes it’s yahoooooo that was great

 Sometimes it’s Uh Oh – $%@$##&//

Life Is an Adventure – Live It


Your Friend


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Lessons Learned

Posted February 20, 2013 By admin

One of my, “Timmy’s rules”; If you are the teacher, you by necessity make the rules, you have to draw a line in the sand with limits on the student, or you will be consumed by the takers. If you are the student – shut up and study until you can show yourself approved. Your questions reveal your commitment to the study.

I was once asked by a friend for advice on a situation. I gave him clear instructions on what I would do if it were me. He did nothing. Next time I saw him he started complaining about the same situation he had asked for my advice about two weeks prior.

I asked him: “Did you do what I told you last time?”

Answer: “No”

“Then why should I stand here and listen to you again complain about the same problem that you have done nothing to resolve?”

Answer –silence

“I won’t listen to your complaining anymore, nor will I offer anymore new advice about that issue until you go and do as I suggested last time”

This situation created to consequences. The first consequence, because of his inaction he failed to move his legal rights and process, which resulted in a deterioration of his rights and more time for his adversary to move against him. The second consequence I had wasted my time and missed doing something to take care of or enjoying my own life. It was unprofitable for both of us because neither of us valued my time or experience.

It is a good example of being unprepared for what life throws at you. When the unexpected happens and you are not prepared for that it tends to cause panic. Panic tends to cause in action. Inaction tends to result in bad consequences. As I have heard an old military buddy repeat one of those military sayings; don’t just stand there make a decision to do something and do it even if it might be wrong. Or something like that. The point is that anything’s better than standing there as a target.

Most of the so-called legal issues we are confronted with, result from an illusion of our relationship with a so-called government agent or employee. When it is presumed by both parties that agent automatically has authority over you or me, the agent tends to take advantage of the second party. Because the conditioning of both parties is so deep, quite often neither party will recognize an evil being done by the agent. So if you were my friend coming to me and asking what to do about the agent I would offer that you should examine carefully the relationship. I would want to know specifically by what authority the agent was granted the right to create a duty for me and compel me by ordering me or threatening me with consequences if I act or fail to act in the manner the agent wishes.

Those in the know have a saying “know who you are” or alternately “know who you are not” or even “who others are not”. What it boils down to is; what is your specific relationship with a particular man or thing. Who can stand on the higher authority? One man can simultaneously be a son, a father, a husband, an employer, an employee, a friend, an adversary, a creditor, and a debtor. Each status depends on who or what he is in relationship with and what is that specific relationship. So establish in your own mind who or what particular party you are in relation with and in what type of relationship. Often in situations there is more than one relationship at play. Even in court you may have to wear more than one hat. You could be trustee one moment over one issue, and have no business there on another issue depending on how you respond to their offers or implications. if you are going to go into court and act contrary to your papers, the so-called legal papers are better used as pet cage liner.

Alleged authority can be deceptive. For example I have authorized my wife to take $1 million from everybody she meets. I could really use the cash flow. After all I have authorized her, why does she not bring more bags home that are full of millions of dollars. Oh, that’s right, how can i be so foolish, I cannot create a duty for someone else unless I have higher authority over them when I authorized my wife. Apparently they see no duty to give her the million dollars.

So consider one of my favorite questions; “By what authority do you……………….”

The wise man prepares and the fool goes his way blindly

Your friend


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